Agencies Under The Ministry Of Education In Nigeria

Ministry of Education in Nigeria, its the  Ministry that has a Massive Number of Agencies  Among the Nigerian Ministries and parastatals.

These agencies are writing down in a tabular Form, According to their Names, Abbreviation, Location and Established/ Founded Year. Below is the Agencies works under overseeing of the Ministry of Education in Nigeria.Tartiary Education


Abbreviation  Location Founded  
Computer Professionals Registration Council of Nigeria CPN Lagos 1993  
Federal Scholarship Board FSB Abuja 1970  
Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board JAMB Bwari, Abuja   1978  
Librarians’ Registration Council of Nigerian LRCN Abuja 1995  
Nigerian Arabic Language Village NALV Ngala, Borno   1991  
National Board for Arabic and Islamic Studies NBAIS  Kaduna 1960  
National Board for Technical Education NBTE Kaduna 1977  
National Business and Technical Examinations Board                 NABTEB Benin-City, Edo   1992  
National Commission for Adult Education Mass Literacy and Non-Formal Education NMEC Abuja 1990  
National Commission for Colleges of Education NCCE Abuja 1989  
National Commission for Nomadic Education NCNE Abuja 1989  
National Examination Council  NECO Minna, Niger State   2000  
Nigerian Educational Research Development Council NERDC Sheda, FCT   1988  
Nigerian French Language Village NFLV Badagry, Lagos   1991  
National Institute for Educational Planning & Administration NIEPA Ondo 1992  
National Institute for Nigerian Language NINLAN Aba, Abia State   1993  
National Library of Nigeria NLN Abuja 1964  
Nigerian Mathematical Centre NMC                Sheda, FCT   1988  
National Teachers Institute NTI Kaduna 1972  
National Universities Commission NUC Abuja 1962  
Tertiary Education Trust Fund  TETFUND  Abuja  2011  
Teachers’ Registration Council of Nigeria TRCN Abuja 1993  
Universal Basic Education Commission  UBEC Abuja 1999  
West African Examination Council    WAEC Lagos 1952  

The 24 Agencies under the Ministry of Education in Nigeria were briefly explaining each of them  below:

1. Computer Professionals Registration Council of Nigeria (CPN)

This Body was established in 1993 to regulates faster information technology profession, the is using to registers Information Technology Professionals areas, they focus on remotely the IT Skills in the industry.

2. Federal Scholarship Board (FSB)

This agency is one of the main agency among the agencies under the ministry of education in Nigeria. This agency is responsible for providing scholarships by Federal government of Nigeria to any qualified Nigerians who wishing to go for high institutions in Nigeria and or abroad.

Scholarships are availables for from various Fields and levels of education ( Universities, Polytechnics and colleges). The main functions of this agency is to assist academic and financial to any deserve Students from various Tertiary Institutions.

3. Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB)

Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) its Among the agencies under the Ministry of Education in Nigeria.

JAMB Agency is the that is responsible for Conducted Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (JAMB) and giving admission into any Universities and Polytechnics in Nigeria as a UTME  Candidates and or Direct Entry Candidates after Metting all the requirements. Jamb also, its her responsibility to Cut-off the Mark as an  entering requirement into Universities and Polytechnics.

Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) body Conducts severals activities Like UTME examination, Direct  Entry Admission, Mock examination and others related events. Each year JAMB has power to cut off the Marks for candidates admission into Tertiary Institutions, the body may set off 180 Mark and or 170 as  their general Cut off Mark for admission into Tertiary Institutions.

4. Librarians’ Registration Council of Nigeria (LRCN)

This agency is an agency that regulates the library, set Standardized and enhance the development of libraries and information services. Their focus is to registers librarians and information science profession. This body play a role in the ministry of Education in Nigeria.

5. Nigerian Arabic Language Village (NALV)

This great agency is merely responsible for promotion of teachers the Arabic language in Nigeria. it promotes training and education resources/tools for teachers and Students in Nigeria.

6. National Board for Arabic and Islamic Studies- NBAIS

NBAIS is an agency established in 1960 to implement the education in Nigeria, this body is responsible for Monitor and supersion the Curriculum standards of Arabic and Islamic studies across the Nigerian states. NBAIS also overseers to ensure that the educational schools offering the subjects follows the approved academic Policies and guidelines. National Board for Arabic and Islamic Studies also responsible for conducting examinations and issuing the certification for students in Arabic and Islamic studies. The body is focusing on promoting high level of education in different fields.

7. National Board for Technical Education (NBTE)

National Board for Technical education its the body responsible for accredits programs by ensuring quality Standards and giving supports the development of Manpower Skilled. This body is merely oversees the technical and vocational education program.

8. National Business and Technical Examinations Board (NABTEB)

The National Business and Technical Examinations Board (NABTED) is a body responsible for Conducting exams for technical and vocational Certificates to improve and enhance the Entrepreneurship opportunities for employment in the across the country. Their Aims is to Conducts a technical examinations for Businesses in Nigeria.

9. National Commission for Mass Literacy, Adult and Non-Formal Education (NMEC)

This boby is responsible for promoting adult with formal and Non-Formal education. Their main functions is to implement the programs to curtains the illiteracy by enhance the adult with formal and Non-Formal education, and also provides learning opportunities to them from various communities across the country.

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10. National Commission for Colleges of Education (NCCE)

This agency is among the agencies works under the ministry of education in Nigeria. This is responsible for regulates the colleges of education ( Colleges schools) in Nigeria, their main duties and functions is to monitors Standards, and accredits programs by ensuring the quality of teachers in education forum.

11. National Commission for Nomadic Education (NCNE)

The National Commission for Nomadic Education is an agency that serves the needs of Nomadic With education Skills, they are the provides education for Nomadic Massive populations in the Communities.they provides education to enhance the qualities of education in the Nomadic communities across the country.

12. National Examination Council ( NECO)

National Examination Council (NECO) is an agency established in 2000, The NECO agency was established after realized the poor performance in West African Examination Council (WAEC). Before there’s no  NECO examination but I was founded in 2000 to replace the WAEC in gain/ Secure Admission into Tertiary Institutions across the country.

NECO Normally Conducted every year like other exams, The NECO exam Normally Started in June/July that’s why we called it NECO June/July because it’s an internal examination conducted in  Secondary schools. Also there NECO Conducted every year in November/ December and we called it NECO GCE External examination.

NECO Exam is divided into two (2) that’s Internal and external examination. June/July  exam ( Internal) and November/December exam ( External ).

13. Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC)

This is the agency responsible for promoting educational curriculum and research. The agency promotes and overseers the revises of schools curriculum in order to meet the certain educational needs across the country.

14. Nigerian French Language Village (NFLV)

Nigerian French Language Village is responsible for institutionals to the teaching by promoting the French language in the curriculum in Nigeria. It brings French language trainings programs and provides tools for Nigerian teachers and Students etc.

The main functions of this agency is to implement and improve French language fluency and easy communication between Nigeria and French Countries. It helps the Nigerian Students, teachers and others to exchange ideas and or Communication with French Countries worldwide.

15. National Institute for Educational Planning and Administration (NIEPA)

This is an agency that provides training Skills, research skills and others related services to enhance the Management planing of the Nigerian education systems.they focus on educational administration and planing for management.

16. National Institute for Nigerian Languages (NINLAN)

This agency is merely responsible for promoting of languages in Nigeria. They are also, conducting the research and offer programs ( training) and improve the tools to support learning and teaching of home languages.

17. National Library of Nigeria (NLN)

NLN is among the agencies that support learning, Books and research etc. The main duties of this agency is to promote continues learning and culture of reading in Nigerian States.

18. Nigerian Mathematical Centre (NMC)

Nigerian Mathematics Centre is the agency that promotes mathematical education and research in across Nigerian states. NMC is provides tools and resources for fostering training and assist teachers and Students of mathematics Subject. It focuses on the promoting support for foster a mathematical and enhance the quality of mathematics research and education across the states in Nigeria.

19. National Teachers Institute (NTI)

The National Teachers Institute (NTI) agency is responsible for the training and professional progress of teachers across the country. It is merely offers Severals programs such as distance learning to enhance and improve the skills and qualifications of teachers in primary schools, secondary schools and other non past secondary schools in Nigeria.

The main purpose of NTI is to improve the quality of learning and teaching by Continues providing support and opportunities for educators in all states in the country.

20. National Universities Commission (NUC)

This body is responsible for Nigerian Universities to ensures qualify if Nigerian universities education by providing the universities a support in obtaining the accreditation and monitoring how its to be done. NUC also, setting the academic rules, standards and policies, and approving the new Courses.

21. Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFUND)

The Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TET FUND) is body that provides funds for higher institutions schools, they allocates funds for infrastructures, academic development and research in Universities, Polytechnics, Colleges and other institutions registered with TETFUND Agency.

22. Teachers’ Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN)

Teachers are the servant of God. This agency is dedicates to support teachers education to meets a certain requirements. This body is responsible for promoting, controlling and supersion to improve the teaching profession in Nigeria . It registers a qualified teachers and conducting a professional Exam. Their main role is to ensures that teachers are reaching the Standards of professional competency and morals as required.

23. Universal Basic Education Commission (UBEC)

This agency play a crucial role in implements the Programs under the Universal Basic Education, also they provides funds, outlines the guidelines and monitors the Basic Education to ensure the quality and the Free education for all Nigerian children.

24. West African Examinations Council (WAEC)

The West African Examination Council (WAEC) its a body that is Conducting a Standard examinations for Students in Secondary schools, WAEC is an examination use to gain admission into Tartiary Institutions in Nigeria and or abroad.

WAEC has came among the mandatory requirement exams to gain admission into higher institutions of learning, Waec is responsible for issuing certificate to any students wrote the examination. WAEC it administers the WASSCE (West African Senior Certificate Examination). WAEC is Mandatory for any student wishing to studies in higher institutions schools.


In a Conclusion, Ministry of Education in Nigeria play a pivotal role in promoting and improve the Nigerian Education. In this ministry of education we have 24 agencies that works under the Ministry. This 

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