Top Universities In Nigeria and Their Massive Number Of Students

University is a place of Learning where a Students studies different Courses, undertake all the requirements and than be awarded with a Bachelor of Science ( B.Sc). All Universities in Nigeria a follows the guidelines of National Universities Commission ( NUC) it a body that serve the activities of the Universities, given the universities Units earns for each Fields. The duration of the university is a range between 1-5 years in normal circumstances but in some case it may a students 1 to 8 years, is all depends on the situation. In Nigeria we have more than 200 plus Universities, in this year of 2024 we selected the top Universities in Nigeria that’s rankings in term of Massive population Of Students.

Here are the list of top 14 Universities in Nigeria and with their student population. The list of top 14 Universities and with a massive  Numbers of Student is comprised of both Public and Private Universities in Nigeria. You can Click  on   Nigerian Education to view our About Us Page.

1. Ahmadu Bello University Zaria.

    Population of Student is 35,000

2. Bayero University Kano.

    Population of Student is 45,000

3. FUT Minna.

     Population of Student is  26,000

4. Modibbo Adamawa University.

      Population of Student is 14,000

5. National Open University of Nigeria.

      Population of Student is 500,000

6. Obafemi Awolowo University.

      Population of Student is 32,000

7. University of Abuja.

      Population of Student is 35,000

8. University of Benin.

     Population of Student is 60,000

9. University of Calabar.

     Population of Student is, 40000

10. University of Ibadan

        Population of Student is 37,000

11. University of Ilorin.

       Population of Student is 50,000

12. University of Jos.

      Population of Student is 40,000

13. University of Lagos .

      Population of Student is 62,000

14. University of Maiduguri.

     Population of Student is 52,000

The Universities are from the 6 geography zone in Nigeria. The geography zone are represented in a tablue with the Mark of State that has a University among the top list of universities and their massive Numbers of population Student mentioned.

 Top 14 Universities In Nigeria and Theirs Massive Population Of Student From the below States.

North Central (NC)   North East (NE)   North West (NW)   South East (SE)   South West (SW)   South South (SS)  
Benue  Adamawa Kaduna Abia Ekiti Akwa Ibom
FCT Abuja Borno Katsina Anambra Lagos Bayelsa
Kogi Bauchi Kano Ebonyi Ogun Cross Rivers
Kwara Gombe Kebbi Enugu Ondo Delta
Nasarawa Taraba Sokoto Imo Oyo Edo
Niger Yobe Jigawa     Rivers
Plateau   Zamfara      

From the above tables is indicates that North Central Zone has four (4) University among the top Universities that has higher population of Student, North East zone has two (2) University among the top Universities that has massive population of Student, North West has two ( 2) University with massive population of Student from the top 14 Universities and their population In Nigeria, South East has two (2) University that comes among the 14 top Universities with massive population of Student, South West has Equally have two (2) University out of the fourteen top Universities that has higher population of Student and while Finally, South South have recorded two (2) University out the top 14 rankings Universities in term of Massive Population Of Student. It’s a well as Nigerians doing the schools from various field of study, since in Nigeria we have unavailable jobs in the country. 

 In a Conclusion, The Nigerian education is a key of very citizens as we known, no matter something we do it required knowing. As for 2024 We analyzing the Top Universities in Nigeria and their massive Numbers of Student. The Top Universities Comes from the 6 geography zones we have in Nigeria which Includes North Central Zone, North East zone, North West zone, South East zone South West zone and finally south south zone. The top Universities that’s rankings in term of Massive Number Of Students are from both Private and Public Universities in Nigeria.

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