NAPEC Marshals Cops Is Recruiting Constable and sergeant

National Private Enforcement Cops NAPEC is a law enforcement designed and Forming federally under the Commission called Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). The Main Functions of NAPEC Marshals Cops is to protect and safeguides the Assets and the Lives of the Citizens, and also promoting the security guard.

NAPEC Marshals Cops Wishing to inform all applicants who is interested in their Uniformed Services to forward/submit his/her online application form via their official website.

The National  Private Enforcement Cops (NAPEC) Marshals Cops is seeking for the position of Constable and sergeant from suitable and qualified Candidates. The portal is fully accessible, kindly submit an online Application form.

NAPEC Marshals Cops is now recruiting a suitable and qualified Candidates to fill the position of Constable and sergeant in the NAPEC Marshals Cops Commission.

NAPEC Marshals Cops is focusing for protective and safeguides the Assets and lives of the citizens, and also promoting the security and Safety across the country. Interested Candidates who wishing to join the NAPEC Marshals Cops are advised to visit National Private Enforcement Cops official website to read and understand their Mission and Vision, and as well as the Application Processes.

In page, we will discuss the Application Processes, Application Basic Requirements, Other Basic Requirements, Benefit of serving, and Method of how to apply to enables interested and qualified Candidates to submit their online application form without an error.

Basic Requirements

To join the NAPEC Marshals Cops as the position of Constable, You need to satisfy the following Requirements.

Qualifications Requirement:

1. Applicants should possess SSCE result (NECO, WAEC, NABTED and or GCE Result)

2. a B.Sc and or Professional Certificate in any of the Following Areas

  • Data Analytics and Data Governance
  • Data Science
  • Data Protection and Privacy
  • Data Management
  • Data Protection Legal Services
  • Cyber Security and or Cyber Security Law
  • Information Security
  • Information Audit
  • Information Privacy
  • Information Technology

In additional to the above qualifications requirements, Applicants who applied tradesmen/tradesmen must have obtained Trade Test

Age Requirement:

1. A Minimum of 22 years for Trades Applicants

2. A Maximum of 33 years for Trades Applicants

3. A Minimum of 18 years for Non-Trades Applicants

4. A Maximum of 25 years for Non-Trades Applicants

Height Requirement:

1. A Minimum of 1.68 metre for Male Applicants

2. A Minimum of 1.65 metre for Female Applicants

Other Basic Requirements

Apart from the above Basic Requirements, also you must meets the following other conditions before been eligible to join NAPEC Marshals Cops. The other Basic Requirements were Summarized below:

1. Must be a Citizens of Nigeria by birth
2. Must have a Valid National Identity Number (NIN)
3. Must be well-being ( Physically and Mentally Fit )
4. Must have not been convicted any crimes
5. Must have a Declaration of age/birth certificate

6. Must have a certificate of Indigent

Serving Benefits

After Candidate successfully joining the NAPEC Marshals Cops, he/or she will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Received Allowances
  • Insurance Services
  • Pension and gratuity
  • Received a welfare
  • Mingling and Integration with difference tribes
  • Advance your Career/education etc.

Application Processes

Every Application has it own processes, and also this NAPEC Marshals Cops recruitment exercise of Constable has it own Application processes. The NAPEC Marshals Cops Application processes are were outlined below:

1. Fill an online Application form

2. Answering the questionnaires in order

3. Proceed to make payment of ₦20,000 only for Application form fee

4. Wait for the Shortlisted of Successfully Applicants

5. Medical Check-up for those who meets the Shortlisted

6. Training will begins after all these Application processes

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Method Of How To Apply

1. Visit the NAPEC Marshals Cops website Via

2. After Successfully Visit the Marshal Cops Website, than click the botton option and you will see recruitment among the items, then click recruitment and select Get Recruited to begin your Application journey.

3. Scroll Down and click Continue Online Application and Insert your Active Email address to continue your Application

4. Fill and Complete your  personal data

4. Fill and Complete at least  two (2) of your Referees informations

6. Fill and Complete your Bio and Cadres Position wishing to apply

7. Upload a Scan copies of the Following Documents

  • A Recent passport photography
  • A Medical Report Certificate
  • A Resume
  • A Certificate of Indigent

8. Proceed to make payments of the Following:

  • Application Fee ₦ 20,000.00
  • Course Fee and Training ₦ 35,000.00

9. After all these Procedures, and then proceed to Submit your Application form.


All documents must be a jpg, jpeg or png format, Max file size: 2 MB

Applicants who applied tradesmen/tradesmen must have obtained Trade Test

Candidates could submit their online application form before payment is made, what is the


In a Conclusion, NAPEC Marshals Cops is private Law enforcement established under the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). Any candidates wishing join NAPEC Marshals Cops must have pay certain amount of money for Application fees and Course training fees specified by the commission and its not free.

NAPEC Marshals Cops Is seeking a position of Constable and sergeant from a Suitable and qualified Candidates to submit their online application form via a designed website

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